About Us

Greetings craft beer fans! The 151 Brew Club was established in 2021 by a handful of local homebrewers under the mentorship of WildManDan, a homebrewer-turned-professional who operates WildManDan Brewery in Afton, Virginia.

What started as a handful of members has grown into dozens of beer enthusiasts who like to gather and discuss all-things-beer, including the brewing process, ingredients, BJCP beer styles, and much more.

The club meets monthly, usually on the last Sunday of the month. Meetings typically have a “theme,” where we discuss, taste, and learn about a specific beer style. Each quarter, we hold a homebrew competition for those who brew. You don’t have to be a homebrewer to enjoy the club — all are welcome! If you are passionate about craft beer and like to enjoy it with friends, this is the club for you! And if you’re interested in the homebrewing process and would like to learn how to make GREAT beer at home, we can help you start that journey.

We collect modest annual dues to cover our expenses, which are primarily administrative expenses needed to operate the club and host the meetings. Dues are currently $25 annually for an individual and $30 annually for a family.

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to see you at the next meeting! Check out our events page for a list of upcoming meetings.

Questions or feedback? Email 151brewclub@gmail.com.